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Greece the Ideal Destination provides you with handy information about Greece and its extensive tourism potential. The site allows you to contact the best hotels and travel agencies, the best cruise yachting and car rental companies alternative tourism and all other tourism-related enterprises whose primary concern is to provide high-quality services and unparallel hospitality.

With well over a hundred inhabited Greek islands and a territory that stretches from the south Aegean to the Balkan countries, Greece offers enough to fill months of travel. The historic sites in greece span four millennia, encompassing both the legendary and the obscure, where a visit can still seem like a personal discovery. Greek beaches are parcelled out along a convoluted coastline equal to France's in length, and islands range from backwaters where the boat calls twice a week to resorts as cosmopolitan as any in the Mediterranean.

Of course there are formal cultural greek activities for your travel as well: museums that shouldn't be missed, magnificent medieval mansions and castles in greece, as well as the great ancient sites dating from the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Minoan, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras. Greece hosts some excellent summer Greek festivals too, bringing international theatre, dance and musical groups to perform in ancient theatres, as well as castle courtyards and more contemporary venues in coastal and island resorts.

Transportation - Getting There

Easily accessed by air, boat, train or car, Greece is a crossroads between East and West. In addition to major airports in Athens and Thessaloniki, the country has over 40 provincial airports in most major towns and islands. The national railway network connects Greece with the rest of Europe; the in Patra and Igoumenitsa serve ferries arriving mostly from Italy.

A very well organized and modernized intercity-bus network provides fast and safe transportation between most towns and villages in mainland Greece.

Transportation between towns and villages is served by a modern bus network running on a 24-schedule. A large part of mainland Greece is also served by a railroad network that is continuously upgraded.

Modern ports throughout the country connect mainland Greece with Crete and the islands in the Aegean and the Ionian Seas.

Where To Stay - Hotels

Luxury and A category hotels and resorts in Greece offer high quality services and can be compared to the best hotels in the world. Hotel groups, hotels and resorts and city hotels in Greece (Athens, Halkidiki, the Greek islands, etc.) are constantly renovated to meet the international quality standards and are located in enchanting areas providing tourists unique holidays. Make your reservations through our web site in the best luxury hotel groups, hotels and resorts in Greece and make your visit a unique travel experience!

Rent a Motorbike
Rent a Motorbike
Rent a bike
Rent a bicycle

Rent a car

Using rental cars in Greece is an easy way to travel and explore the country at your own leisure and convenience whether you are on a self-drive holiday, a family vacation or a business trip. If you want to see as much of Greece as possible, rent a car and get around is an ideal touring option. You can learn more about the interesting culture, exciting history, diverse landscape, iconic landmarks and hospitable people of Greece, at your own pace in your own style. The different areas offer a spectacular mix of beach driving and rocky slopes, stunning coastlines, spectacular snowy mountains, great waterways, amazing scenery and many must-see destinations for a drive holiday.

Cruises in Greece

Greece, one of the world's most attractive summer destinations, is an idyllic place for cruises, as it comprises a peninsula surrounded by 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, combined with an ideal climate allowing for pleasant sea-travel conditions all year round.

Cruises in the Greek islands offer visitors the opportunity to explore 7,500 km of the country's coastline featuring a highly diversified landscape made of golden stretches of magnificent beaches, shelter bays and coves, volcanic soil, sea-side caves with steep rocks and coastal wetlands.

Yachting and Sailing in Greece

Yachting in Greece is fascinating experience, as thousands of islands await you to explore them, Crete, Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Kos. Large and small greek yachting companies, owning luxury large and small yachts, offer travelers comfortable routes in the Greek islands. In our site you will find the best yachting companies in Greece to sail your way to this ideal destination for yachting holidays in Greece.

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