Greece the ideal destination

By train

Greece's railway network is approximately 2,500km long and covers a large part of the mainland. It is managed by the Hellenic Railways Organization or OSE ( Although the Greek railway network provides a patchy service by European standards, it nevertheless provides a good opportunity for an authentic travel experience.
In recent years, several routes have been upgraded to serve major cities and towns, including Alexandroupolis, Thessaloniki, Edessa, Volos, Kalambaka, Athens, patra, Corinth and Kalamata. A modern express train is in operation running several routes daily. The transportation of passengers, luggage and driver-accompanied vehicles is carried out by high quality Intercity-type trains (express and regular) and by regular trains (high speed etc.). Time tables are determined on a yearly basis. When traveling by train, it is worth noticing the architecture of the old station buildings along the network, most of which were constructed in late 19th century with unique features of early industrial architecture.

Scenic Routes

The Greek railway network runs through landscapes of rare beauty, an exclusive privilege of O.S.E. passengers, since several areas in the mainland are accessible by train only. In addition to regular itineraries, special routes are available with excursion trains upon request (conventional or steam-powered museum trains) offering a rare opportunity for traveling through Greece's fascinating inland. The following are the scenic routes:

Diakofto-Kalavrita (Peloponnese)
Pilio (Thessaly)
Nestos (Eastern Macedonia area)

O.S.E. also runs "Proastiakos" commuter rail services between Athens-International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" (with seven stops), Athens-Corinth (84 km west of Athens with seven stops), Corinth-Kiato (24 k.), Corinth-"Eleftherios Venizelos" (with 11 stops). There are plans to extend the "Proastiakos" service to connect the port-city of Piraeus with Athens, the Airport and other urban centers in neighboring prefectures (Thiva, Halkida and Loutraki).
Information regarding itineraries, ticket fares and special services are provided by the Hellenic Railways Organization O.S.E. at
Call 1440 for pre-recorded information giving train departures (domestic and Athens - Thessaloniki)
Call 1110 for telephone reservations for passengers from Attica to Thessaloniki
O.S.E. Central Information 1-3 Karolou St, Athens, Tel:  +30 210 5297777
Thessaloniki Railway Station.  +30 2310 517517 - 8,
Off: Νο 4 Trips, 18 Aristotelous St, Tel:  +30 2310 598120
Patras: Railway Station. +30 2610 639108 - 9
Larisa Railway Station. +30 2410 236250
Off: Νο 3 Trips, 37 Papakyriazi St, Tel: +30 2410 590239
Volos Railway Station. +30 24210 24056
Off: Νο 8 Trips, 17 Iasonas St, Tel: +30 24210 28555
For special information and assistance for persons with special needs (ΑΜΕΑ), call:  +30 210 5298838 (for Athens) and  +30 2410 590263 (for Larisa). There are competent O.S.E. staff at the Athens and Larisa Railway Stations to assist persons with special needs who are traveling by train.

For information on foreign bus routes, call: +30 210 5298739 - 40, +30 210 5135768 - 9
Other than regular O.S.E. routes, there are also special routes served by excursion trains (conventional or museum steam-powered trains upon request), where passengers can travel through Greece's splendid interior.
These routes are:
Diakopto - Kalavryta (Peloponnese)
Pilio (Thessaly)
Nestos (Eastern Macedonia)
Suburban Railway (Proastiakos)

The routes include Athens - Athens "Eleftherios Venizelos" International Airport (with 7 intermediate stations)
Athens - City of Corinth (84 km west of Athens – with 7 intermediate stations)
Corinth - Kiato (24 km)
Corinth - Athens "Eleftherios Venizelos" International Airport (with 11 intermediate stations).