Greece the ideal destination

Epirus the Ideal Destination

Untamed Beauty



Epirus, also known as the “land of many bridges”, is made up of the prefectures of Arta, Thesprotia, Ioannina and Preveza and occupies the northwestern part of the Greek mainland. A unique area, suffused with contrasting yet unrivalled beauty, which can be experienced in all seasons throughout the year, from winter to summer. An ancient land, which echoes the footsteps of the history that has passed over it. A vast open-air folklore museum replete with magnificent stone bridges, traditional settlements, works created throughout the ages by the hands of man which blend harmoniously with those created by nature itself: majestic landscapes, craggy mountains and gorges, the meeting place of three important rivers, breathtaking coastlines looking out onto the horizon.


The diversity in its climate, in combination with the significant differences in altitude from area to area and the soil’s variability, all come together to create the perfect conditions for the development of a rich, indeed often rare, local flora and fauna. This affords the visitor the opportunity to see uncommon native plants such as the buttonball, the crocus and the beautiful red lily, as well as to admire unique animal species including the brown bear, otter, wolf, wild goat, deer and wild cat. The legendary valley of Valia Kalda, Arkoudorema, Lyngos, Mavrovouni and the historical Tzoumerka, are all ideal for incomparable walks, while along the way one can admire raging torrents, gorges and sheer cliffs giving way to valleys and verdant forests, luxuriant plant life with red pine and beech trees, poplars, local grape varieties, oak and boxwood trees.

Alternative tourism


Everything in Epirus invites you to experience new and exciting challenges. Its crystal – clear rivers, at times calm and at other times raging, become the ideal place for endless rafting and kayaking, while its frozen peaks beckon the visitor to ski and hang-glide, with a panoramic view of the natural beauties below. Cycling, horseback riding and hiking, with nature as your guide and the rich vegetation as a backdrop, as well as waterskiing, diving and sailing in the vast turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, rejuvenate every visitor and open up new sports and entertainment horizons for all.

Religus Tourism

No matter where you turn your gaze in Epirus, you’ll see monuments and important works: the magnificent ancient theatre of Dodoni, the famed Neromanteio (oracle of the Dead) full of myths and legends from the depths of time, the Venetian Fortresses, Nicopolis, large and imposing Byzantine and post – Byzantine churches, countless picturesque monasteries, which have become beacons of faith and orthodoxy for an entire people.

Pepole and Lifestyle


The warm and hospitable people, the abundance of traditional villages, the delicious cuisine and an easy access all make Epirus the best choice for an unforgettable vacation. Here, you will “live” everything, because Epirus is everything.

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20, Voreiou Epiru str., 45333, Ioannina
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Tel.: +30 26510 26428
Fax: +30 26510 26474

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Tourist Offices of the Prefectures
Prefecture of Arta: +30 26810 21580 and 26810 21588
Prefecture of Thesprotia: +30 26650 28762
Prefecture of Ioannina: +30 26510 87218 and 26510 87419
Prefecture of Preveza: +30 26820 22686


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