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Aegina Island

Aegina is located a mere 17.5 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus. Famous nowadays for its pistachio orchards, in antiquity the island was a formidable maritime power and a blooming commercial market. This is where the first Greek coins were minted. Its inhabitants were very wealthy and they controlled the largest part of the Mediterranean trade. In modern day Aegina, over half of the 11,000 population lives on the western part of the island in the capital Aegina Town, a lively port with splendid neo-classical buildings, a popular weekend retreat with Athenians. In the north, Aghia Marina is a major tourist resort with extensive nightlife. The Aegina harbour has anchorage and modern facilities for cruise boats and yachts. The crowning jewel of Aegina is the magnificent 5th century temple of Aphea, a well-preserved example of Doric architecture, located on the north-eastern part of the island, 15 kilometres from Aegina town. Another interesting landmark is the monastery of Ag. Nektarios, the largest monastery in the Balkans. In addition to antiquities and ruins, the island has many sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages back-dropped by a beautiful varied landscape. The seaside village of Marathonas lies to the south of the capital and along the coast is the picturesque Perdika where visitors can take a small boat to the islands of Agistri and Moni. There is daily and frequent transportation to and from the port of Piraeus by ferryboat and hydrofoil.

Aegina Island

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