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Agistri, the smallest inhabited island in the Argosaronic group, is situated to the west of the port of Aegina, a 30-minute ferry ride from Aegina Town. Historically, Agistri was the theatre of a big naval battle between the Athenians and the Corinthians, while Homer refers to it as fighting on the side of Aegina during the Trojan War. Archaeology finds evidence that the isle was inhabited 2,500 years ago. Ideal for enjoying nature, solitude and relaxing pursuits, this pine-covered island has four small settlements; the port village of Skala, with a beautiful sandy beach where the hotels and taverns are concentrated, the picturesque village of Limenaria, the mountain village of Metohi, and the capital Milos, a port village with traditional island houses and a small marina for boats. Each has a sprinkling of tavernas serving excellent local delicacies, a few shops and small hotels. Nightlife is pretty low-key with a couple of discos and a handful of bars. Green and still unspoilt, with lots of first-rate beaches and secluded coves, Agistri offers the antidote to the stress of city life. There are direct ferry connections from the port of Piraeus and a small inter-island ferry from Aegina docking at both Scala and Milos.

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