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Salamina Island

Salamina, the closest island from the Piraeus port, is considered the symbol of Hellenic heroism. In 480 BC, the allied Greek fleet confronted and decisively defeated the numerically superior Persians in a fierce naval battle in the straits of Salamina. The island is the birthplace of tragic poet Evripides and according to Homer, it was the home of the Greek legendary heroes Ajax and Teucer. The largest of the Argosaronikos group, Salamis bloomed during the Byzantine era to be later threatened by Venetian conquerors and pirates. Echoes of the Byzantine era are present mainly in the convent of the Virgin Faneromeni and the remarkable frescoes in its church. The south eastern coast is the most scenic part of the island with pine forests and sandy beaches on Iliakti, Moulki, Kanakia and Paloukia. Wheat, olive oil and wine are produced here. There is a large number of colourful restaurants on the island serving fish and local delicacies, as well as nightclubs, bars and discos. Salamina enjoys frequent shuttle service from nearby Piraeus; it has good roads and a good network of bus and taxi services.

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