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Evritania the Ideal Destination

The Heart of The Mainland



Bewitching scenery and an invigorating climate are the main features of Evritania prefecture, the most thickly forested region in Central Greece. The large number of fir trees in the area has prompted some to dub it "The Switzerland of Greece". According to Homer, the first known inhabitants of northern Evritania were the Dolopes, who took part in the campaign against Troy. During the Byzantine era, the people of Evritania had the rare privilege of self-government and tax exemption, which gave the northern part of the district the name of "Agrafa" (unwritten), from the residents not being listed in the Imperial tax registers. Karpenisi, the capital, is located at the foot of Mt. Timfristos, at an altitude of 960 metres. It probably owes its name to the maple trees that abounded in the area in the 12th century. The clean air, the dry healthy climate, the plane trees, fir and chestnut forests make Karpenissi an ideal place for winter and summer vacations. Among the town's typical features are the workshops that produce handmade brass bells for animals. The town has many tavernas serving local delicacies ranging from feta cheese roasted in wax paper to tasty sausage specialities. A drive through Evritania will take travellers to towns and villages with splendid, well-preserved stone mansions, some of them transformed into guest houses, forests full of apple, pear and cherry trees, as well as a great number of Byzantine monasteries, small folk museums and running streams abundant in trout. The monastery of the Virgin Proussiotissa with the miraculous icon of the Virgin said to have been painted by Apostle Lukas, is well worth a visit. The church of Aghia Triada, the Gorgianades and the site of Kefalovrisso are highly recommended for a visit At 5 kilometres southwest of the capital is Korishades, a village with well-preserved stone mansions several of whom have been recently restored and turned into guesthouses. Mikro Horio (Small Village), a marvellous small village for summer holidays, is nestled in a small fir forest interspersed with apple, cherry and pear orchards. Megalo Horio (Large Village) is situated in an equally lovely setting on the slopes of Kaliakouda, opposite Mt. Helidona. At the impressive gorge of Klidi, stands the Byzantine church of Aghios Athanassios. The most energetic may wish to venture as far as Agrafa, a remote village encircled by thick spruce forests, while for those who enjoy fishing the Agrafiotis River is full of trout. Continuing south on the road from Ditiki Frangista travellers will reach Lake Kremaston, the largest artificial lake in Greece. The Greek Skiing and Mountain Climbing Association maintains organised refuges on Timfristos (at Diavolotopos, alt. 1,840 metres). There is also a ski centre at Velouhi with three ski slopes and a ski school.