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Prefecture of Xanthi the Ideal Destination

The Culture and Nature Destination

Invites you to venture into its charms

Prefecture of Xanthi

Xanthi, the Lady of Thrace, the prefecture that can satisfy the desires of all visitors, is inviting you for an escapade to a land away from the daily routine. A refuge for recreation, generously endowed by nature, it offers an experience worth living while taking back home some images that will stay indelible for ever on your memory.

Spend your time in tradition, stroll the Old Town lined with impressive mansions, museums, churches and monasteries. Visit the recently renovated old tobacco warehouses, today’s cultural and spiritual centres. Every corner represents an unforgettable memory. Get to know the history of our prefecture through the Archaeological Museum of Avdira and the Folk Museums in the towns of Xanthi and Stavroupolis.

Nature lovers can experience moments of tranquility, relaxation and have the opportunity to repose in enchanting locations. River Nestos gives life to a riparian forest of unique ecological value, while Lake Vistonida offers refuge to thousands of feathered visitors.

The prefecture’s mountainous mass is rich in paths for trekking, biking and 4X4 jeep safaris, while the Leivaditis falls and the forest village of Antalofos constitute unique experiences.

Virgin beaches, beautiful and wide opened to the Thracian Sea, are expertly organized to attract holidayers and amateur fishermen.

Pick the action that best suits you: Canoe-kayaking down the River Nestos, mountain climbing, horse-back riding, biking or paragliding.

Relax in one of the new or recently renovated hotel units, find excellent accommodation in traditional guest houses and resorts, with comfort and safety. Taste the warm hospitality that only the Xanthiots can offer.

Quaint taverns with local delicacies, “ouzeries” and local eateries, sweet shops with famous confectionary, but also cozy bars and “hang outs” playing contemporary tunes are ready to satisfy every visitor’s desires.

Xanthi, this charismatic land, is inviting you to experience strong, exciting moments. It is an invitation and challenge to beauty, action and relaxation, a modern life style, but also to tradition, tranquility and – last but not least – entertainment.

Prefecture of Xanthi

Prefecture of Xanthi

Prefecture of Xanthi

Prefecture of Xanthi

Prefecture of Xanthi

Prefecture of Xanthi Hotels