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Evros has a continual presence since antiquity and Byzantine time till today. While in this region, it is worth attempting an initiation into the wonders of nature: the forest at Avanda, the forest at Dadia with its plentiful wildlife, and the wetlands in Evros' Delta, the most important rare bird sanctuary in Southern Europe with its flora and fauna undisturbed. The spellbinding beaches and turquoise sea are vacationlands par excellence. Makri and Nea Hilli, right on the sea, are fast evolving into popular summer resorts. A whirlwind archaeological tour of the prefecture will bring visitors to a cemetery with megalithic dolmen-like gravestones and a rock with primitive designs inscribed on it, near the village of Roussa. The ancient tomb of Elafohorio, the ancient Mesimvria on the coast, the fortified Byzantine settlement of Makri, Trajanoupolis and Ferres with its superb 12th century church dedicated to the Virgin Saviour of the World. The Byzantine castles of Avanta, Pyrgoi and Pythio, the ruins of Plotinoupolis, and Didimoteicho--the picturesque Byzantine city fortified with twin walls and its small churches, mediaeval neighbourhoods, the imposing mosque built by Bayezid, and its fascinating Folk Art Museum. Finally, the allure of silk will pull travellers to Soufli, where they will learn much about it from the exhibitions in the Museum of Greek Silk. Alexandroupolis, the capital of the prefecture of Evros, is an important harbour and a seaside town, known for its fine sandy beaches. A pretty town with well laid-out streets and neo-classical mansions. At 14 kilometres from Alexandroupolis lies Trajanoupolis, a spa next to the ruins of the ancient city founded in the 2nd century AD by the Roman emperor Trajan. The spa waters have been described as containing chlorine, hydrosulphurous and sodium, with therapeutic capabilities for rheumatisms, gynaecological problems and nerve diseases, diabetes, kidney problems, liver and bile cystitis, liver disorders and digestion problems.



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