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Psara Island

The small island of Psara with beautiful beaches and crystal-clear sea lies about 18 km. NW of Chios. Psara can be reached by boat from the town of Chios or by small craft from Limnia, the port of Volissos on the west coast of Chios. Small boats sail from the harbour of Psara to secluded, sandy coves and the nearby, even smaller island of Antipsara. Inhabited since Mycenaean times, the god Bacchus was worshipped here in antiquity. The people of Psara were among the first Greeks to join the liberation struggle against the Turks in 1821. In 1824, the islanders' heroic resistance resulted in the Turks attacking the island and massacring more than 15,000 Greeks. The island's capital - Psara - is a small village set in the bay of Limena. Almost the entire population (less than 500) live in the village, which is dominated by the ruins of a medieval fort. The village has a small Archaeological Museum with findings from excavations around the island. Sites of interest on Psara are several mansions and a number of churches, particularly St. Nicholas. To the north of the village on the slopes of Mt. Profitis Ilias is an 18th century monastery.

Psara Island

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