Greece the ideal destination

Transportation - Getting There

Easily accessed by air, boat, train or car, Greece is located in the southernmost tip of the European continent, joining Europe with Asia. A crossroads between peoples and civilizations, it is also very close to the northern part of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

In addition to major airports in Athens – the award-winning "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport which is the port of entry by air into Greece – and Thessaloniki, there are over 40 airports in most of all major towns in Greece and the islands. The national railway network connects Greece through the Balkans with the rest of Europe; the major ports in Patra and Igoumenitsa serve ferries arriving mostly from Italy.

A very well organized and modernized intercity-bus network provides fast and safe transportation between most towns and villages in mainland Greece.

A valuable contribution has been made by two major projects that were completed relatively recently: the Rion-Antirion bridge – the world's longest cable-stayed bridge - which links mainland Greece with the Peloponnese, and Egnatia Road, a modern 670-km-long motorway that runs across Northern Greece linking the port of Igoumenitsa (Epirus) with Evros (Thrace) in the east.

Transportation between towns and villages is served by a modern bus network running on a 24-schedule. A large part of mainland Greece is also served by a railroad network that is continuously upgraded.

Modern ports throughout the country connect mainland Greece with Crete and the islands in the Aegean and the Ionian Seas.