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Incredibly well connected and experienced, tour operators in Greece have excellent guides, the best insider and local access and lots of clout with the finest accommodations. Controlling every aspect of their fine-tuned operations, many of them have their own full-time guides and their very own local offices across Greece – Athens, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Greek islands, Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini, Cyclades, Ionian Islands, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, North Aegean Islands, Dodecannese Islands and Peoponnese.

They do all the legwork, and consistently deliver the best accommodations, food and service, due to superb planning, experience and connections. They can arrange helicopters, supply drivers and combine active travel with local, regional and indigenous experiences. Clients can relax while on vacation knowing that informed, friendly specialists are available 24/7 to provide expert knowledge on their destination.

The advent of internet has led to an increase in the number of travellers who opt for self-packaging. Nevertheless, Tour Operators in Greece still have the advantage of the personal touch in providing the best possible arrangements and save you valuable vacation time. They enter into powerful contracts with the suppliers, such as airlines, hotels, other land arrangements, cruises etc. and can deal with other entities, such as local government authorities. Greek tour operators specialize in large group events and meetings, social parties, seminars and conferences. They can also organize trips for people who share hobbies or interests and would like to engage in such activities during their vacation.

Leading Tour Operators in Greece

Company NameTelephoneDestinationRegionAddressEmailWeb
Amphitrion Group+30 211 1090000AthensAttica46 Kyprou Str., Dafni, 17236
Argo Travel Group+30 211 1803100AthensAttica9 Xenofontos Str., Syntagma, 10557
Beleon Group+30 2310 528922ThessalonikiCentral Macedonia9 Danaidon Str., Vardaris, 54626
Cretan Holidays+30 2810 332772HeraklionCrete Island74 Miltiadi Karatzi Str., Nea Alikarnassos, 71601
Express Holidays+30 210 6752300AthensAttica17 Vrana Str. & Katechaki Ave., 11525
Filos Holidays & Travel+30 2310 850115ThessalonikiCentral Macedonia32 Michail Psellou Str., 54248
Hellenic Tours+30 210 9477000AthensAttica4 Priinis Str., N.Smyrni, 17121
Le Grand Travel+30 2810 301740HeraklionCrete Island122 Ethnikis Antistaseos Ave., 71306
Meli Tours+30 2310 500818ThessalonikiCentral MacedoniaCapital Trade Center, 22 Laertou Str., 55535, Pilea
Mouzenidis Travel+30 2310 591590ThessalonikiCentral Macedonia10 Tsimiski Str., 54624
Panhellas+30 2310267665AthensAttica161 El. Venizelou Str., N. Erythrea, 14671
Prima Holidays+30 27440 28042ThessalonikiCentral Macedonia38 Kleanthous Str., 54453
TourGreece+30 210 9244345AthensAttica80-88 Syngrou Ave., 11741

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