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Yachting in Greece is fascinating experience, as thousands of islands await you to explore them, Crete, Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Kos. Large and small greek yachting companies, owning luxury large and small yachts, offer travelers comfortable routes in the Greek islands. In our site you will find the best yachting companies in Greece to sail your way to this ideal destination for yachting holidays in Greece.

Are you interested in adventure? Live the enthusiasm of yachting in the Aegean and Ionian Islands and be charmed by the marvellous beaches and the secret places that will be revealed before your very eyes. Sailing on a yacht you’ll get to know sights of Greece that you could see in no other way. Most ports and marinas around the mainland and the islands offer boat and docking facilities and services. There are many brokers, especially in the Piraeus harbour area and along the coastal avenue to Glyfada and to all greek islands, where boats and yachts can be hired or chartered. Greece, the land of bright sun, blue skies and mythical gods, offers a great variety of picturesque destinations for yachting in Greece and yachting in greek islands to choose from. A unique combination of crystal-clear seas, endless hours of sunshine, magnificent coastlines, captivating islands and classic hospitality will certainly make a yachting holiday hard to forget.

Greece has to offer the yachtsman a great deal, not only because of its splendid natural attractions in the Aegean and the Ionian, but also thanks to the readily available supplies, both on the islands and around the mainland. Furthermore, the country offers some 2,000 islands to explore, a chance to visit deserted beaches and more than 20,000 km of beguiling coastline to see and find out that yachting in Greece & yachting in Greek islands are real yachting holidays.

Leading Yachting Companies in Greece

Company NameTelephoneDestinationRegionAddressEmailWeb
Odysseus Yachting Holidays+30 26610 36107Corfu IslandIonian Islands3 Nausikas Str., 49100
Valef Yachts+30 210 4182381AlimosAttica11 Kalamakiou Ave. & 43 Aristotelous Str, 17455
Variety Cruises+30 210 6919191AthensAttica214-216 Syngrou Ave., 17672
Vernicos Yachts+30 210 9896000AthensAttica11 Posseidonos Ave, Alimos, 17455

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